Guerrilla marketing has been so useful to me in many different aspects of my life
During the first Internet bubble in the late 90s VCs were overwhelmed with requests from so many startups. We had to find a way to get our business plan to the front of the line. We launched a unique weeklong, shoe-string budget, guerrilla marketing campaign to get a select few VCs’ attention. On the last day of the campaign we appeared at their offices in our suits with our business plan in hands. More than one of them remarked “Well now, we’ve been dying to meet you!” Our Executive summaries were read immediately.
For my “Online Lost & Found” I created this t-shirt which I would wear on the subway to and from work. Whenever I wore it traffic to our website spiked.
Family issues caused me to move to two different states, and even though I am a very outgoing person I turned to making a custom t-shirt to increase the number of people I would meet. Wearing this t-shirt made it so that people would initiate conversations with me, whether it was in the street in a bar, restaurant, … wherever.

For nearly the past decade I have gone to bartending fulltime, and moving to different states meant finding new bar gigs when I knew no one. So I made these postcards, would pick a specific part of town and walk into every restaurant and bar and hand them out. People definitely held on to them and would call me up to three months later to see if I was still looking for a job.