Have never taken a single marketing class. But I did have the good fortune to work with someone who specializes in Guerilla Marketing.  Even made sure I bought this book


Below are some of the ways I've used "Guerilla Marketing" in my business as well as my personal life


Custom tShirt

Being a stranger in a new city can be hard. So I made this shirt and wear it when I go out. Virtually guarantees that someone will come up and start talking to you.

Actually, originally made one of these for working behind the bar. Catch the customers' eye, strike up a conversation and give me a chance to make a positive impression on them.


Again, moving to a new city, I made these postcards and would just pick a neighborhood a day, walk into every bar and hand them to the manager.  While it didn't always work it did show an open personality, and I definitely got calls from them months later because they kept the card.

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Yet Another tshirt

When I wore it to and from work, I would notice a pike in our web traffic.