I was really lucky that one of my closest friend's brother was an actual genius. So his mother bought him one of the very first home computers, a Commodore PET. No online Apple Store, no hard drives, not even a floppy disk. Programs were saved and loaded via cassette tapes.  By The Way: The cassette tape turned 50 years old this year (2103)

My friend and I got to play around with it, playing a purely text based Star Trek program. Our greatest joy was changing the program so that instead of being attacked by "Klingons", you were attacked by "assholes".

But for all the fooling around, I learned not just the basics of programming, but how to think like a programmer, and the elements of programming design.


While expanding E33's computer store, I bought a copy of dBase III Plus. A wonderful relational database that was really a programming language. Business was going so well I wrote my very first professional "Point of Sale" system. It had no name, and was made just for that store's use. But it had it all, well almost all. It rang up customers, kept track of inventory, etc.

Had I been a little more than a naive 19 year old, I might of realized that I had written something that I could have sold to countless other companies.


My other ventures (ModeEleven, Sherlock, etc.) all required that I learned "C", Perl, HTML, and various other programming environments...mostly while I programming them.