Back in the early 80’s computers needed to be sold and this 20 year old who knew what these glorified typewriters could do got his first real job. Over the years I learned how to find people’s needs and more importantly how to communicate with them while hitting their triggers.
My first job was for a single consumer electronics store in NYC. In less than a year I transformed the computer section in the shop (one counter) to a whole new shop right next door.
Then I moved up to one of the largest computer retailers in the country, selling millions of dollars in hardware, software, and services each year. My biggest deal to this day was a simple cable sale that lead me to sell one of the nation’s largest record labels their first computer network.
Eventually I moved up to management getting promoted to larger and larger stores. At one point I was managing monthly sales averaging 10 million dollars a month.
On a gray note: Before there was E*Trade there were strangers who would call you on the phone and ask you if they could call you in another week or so and ask you to send them $20,000 for their next great stock tip. Yup, I was one of those people. If there's anything postitive I can say about that experience is that it taught me never to quit.