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Sherlock   1991

File Management Software For Windows 3.x
Was one of the co-creators and lead programmer on this project

At this time, Windows and DOS only allowed filenames and directories to be no longer that 8 characters. The Sherlock software intercepted the "Open and Save As" windows from 3rd party applications and displayed its own "Open and Save As" windows.

Sherlock's "Save As" window allowed filenames up to 256 character long, the use of non-alphanumeric characters, and as well provided a real world filing system (File cabinets, folders, etc.). As well; "keywords" and "subject" titles were allowed to be entered.

This advanced software program did more than just allow longer file names, through the use of a real office filing system structure, users no longer needed to know which program was required for which files. Sherlock took care of all that. Allowing users to manage their files in a more real world scenario.

Watson    Utility for Sherlock
Since many different applications could have different types of "Open and Save As" windows, Sherlock came preprogrammed for the most popular ones.

Newer versions of these programs, lesser known apps, and custom 3rd party apps posed a problem. Watson was a graphical utility that asked the user a few simple questions, asked them to click on specific parts of their app. and then wrote its own code so that Sherlock would now work with those apps as well.

Sherlock review from PC Magazine


Cortex Telecom   1997

Way before Vonage or the likes; this was one of the very first Voice over IP telephone systems. Once again I was the lead programmer for this system that would allow you to call select cities (NYC, Miami, Paris, London, and Brussels) for the cost of a local call. Every three minutes both parties on the call would get a 15 second ad, each end of the call got their own ad.

I called it an "intelligent" system because I designed it so that every time we wanted to add a new city, all we had to do was ship the computer nodes to that city, plug them in, and they would instantly join the Cortex network. No reprogramming of the system itself was ever required.

Cortex review


ModeEleven   2000

There was a time when screensavers were everywhere, before flat screen monitors ruled. So ModeEleven was a screensaver that anyone or company could publish their content to. Whether they were an individual, or media company. The screens were interactive, included video, and as an end-user you could subscribe to as many channels as you wished. When the channel publishers changed the content, your screensaver downloaded the new content during idle time.

Not only was I the lead programmer and designer, but I also assisted in raising funds for the company.

PC Magazine review

Nominated against Microsoft in PC Magazine's 20th Annual Tech Excellence Awards


zReturn   2006

Lead programmer, designer, and the lead fund raiser.

A serendipitous CNN story on zReturn


Shhh   2008

Wrote a bunch of shareware apps. The one that got SOME traction was called "Shhh".

This link I found describes it best.



My Next Project ???   

Not a clue what I'll call it, but it's all being sketched out here in this Moleskine