"Any putz can pour a Jack and Coke."

Some people think you can't make someone into a good bartender, they have to be born.  Maybe that's true, maybe it isn't. After all...I was a total introvert till I started sales.  Now people can't shut me up.

The most amazing thing about being a bartender is that it's a job where you get paid to meet an average of some 50 new people a day, talk with them, get in on their conversations, etc.

You have to know when, how, and when not to. There's a lot more to it, tt's just not that simple. If you think it's a job where you can drink with your friends for free all day...you've got it all wrong. It takes hard work, speed, skill and it "will" push you right up to the limits of your patience and endurance.

More to type, and this is one page that will be ever changing.

But I can definitely say out of every job I've ever had, this is the one I never thought of as a job. As well, unlike every other one of my jobs, when my shift is over and I go home, I'm free. My work doesn't come home with me, I'm a free man.

That being said, if you actually care about your craft...well let's just say I get to play at home, with tinctures, infusions, making my own tonics, etc. etc.

I'll be posting some pictures and recipes soon. In the meantime below are some basic links.


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